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Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofs---this is what we're best at. We help business owners all throughout Northeast Arkansas save money on their metal roofing systems through our specialized spray foam and coating services. With several application methods including a Polyurethane foam, Elastomeric and Silicone coating, we can assist you in choosing the right fit for your current commercial roof.

We also install metal and TPO roofs for our commercial clients!

Why Replace Your Metal Roof WITH THE CONKLIN MR SYSTEM

The Conklin MR System is just a better way to treat your metal roof. Acting as a durable cover, this application adds a fresh look that offers long-lasting protection against leaks, weather elements and more.

Why Spend A Fortune Replacing Your Metal Roof?

Let us restore your metal roof with our M.R. Coating system...

  1. Roof will be acid etched and pressure washed
  2. All rusty areas will be primed
  3. Fabric and coatings applied to all seams and endlaps
  4. All fasteners will be caulked
  5. Apply white energy-saving coatings over entire roof area

Extending The Life of a Black Rubber Membrane Roof

This process includes the following steps...

  1. Clean with an Industrial Cleaner and pressure wash
  2. Apply primer over entire roof area to assure good adhesion
  3. Apply 21/2" reinforced fabric and elastomeric coatings on all existing seams
  4. Apply with Elastomeric Roof Coatings on entire roof area
  5. Energy efficient roof with 10 year labor and materials warranty

Spray Foam & Coatings Benefits

  1. Spray foam can be applied over all existing commercial roofs
  2. Spray foam is a minimal 1" thick and adds a R value of 7 per inch
  3. Spray white coatings over foam
  4. Foam and coatings systems are seamless, waterproof and energy efficient

Additional Spray Foam & Coating Highlights

  1. Foam is lightweight
  2. Avoids expensive tearoffs
  3. Adds R-Value and is completely seamless
  4. 15-year labor and materials warranty

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